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two things: it should read, " a glance..;" and the site is a single page with no way to link to individual images.

if there had been a way to link to individual photos i would have mentioned that there are scenes from queer activations, anti-crime prayer meetings, 'don't tax our sports,' 'so you're not going to stone her, but you think hanging her gets you off the noose?,' obama go home in asia, and whole lot more.
posted by artof.mulata at 7:21 AM on November 18, 2010

Wow, there are some incredibly powerful images in there.

Also, the juxtaposition between consecutive images is striking (the porn star protesting "Veniceland" with a costumed rat-man followed by a candlelight vigil by Bulgarian scientists, for example).

And, of course, these images serve as a reminder that, even in this day and age, the marginalized must continue to fight for what most of us would consider basic human rights.
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On the London student protests, this is an interesting comparison of the instantly-iconic cropped photo that was on the front page of all the papers, and a wider shot showing an isolated demonstrator ringed by a mass of media photographers.

I'm a bit annoyed at the way the media treats protests. I was at an anti-racism demo of several thousand in London a few weeks ago: it didn't even get a footnote in the mainstream press. But when three (not three thousand, three) nutters demonstrated outside a courthouse, it's a front-page splash headlined "MUSLIMS TELL BRITISH: GO TO HELL!"
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I was finding it interesting (and sad) that the most powerful images seemed to come from protests about issues I had never heard of.

Until I got to number 34, one of the most moving of the set.
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the site is a single page with no way to link to individual images

Nope - click the grey number on the left of each photo for an in-page permalink. Here's the sassy Venetian protest mentioned above.
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Might want to add the thebigpicture tag.
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You can also right/command click and link to image location to link an image.

Some very powerful photos, we're living in angry times.
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Damn. The best selection from The Big Picture yet. Thanks for this.
posted by Lynsey at 9:41 AM on November 18, 2010

Love # 45!
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I wish I could individually favorite almost all of these causes (especially 45).
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