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Renaissance Man (SLYT) Being One in a Series of Musical Videos wherein Man's History is Elucidated.
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Pretty sure the Floyd Rose locking tremolo system was invented AFTER the Renaissance.

I smell a fake!
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Fantastic! Now I love the historyteachers. These should be some sort of school house rock thing in between Saturday morning cartoons.
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Oh God. This is wonderful.

Viva Roma Number 5

The plague is bubonic! B-U-B-O-N-I-C!

Thanks so much for the fantastic post!
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I'm 98.3% certain that this video-song combination/composition may have just made my night, if not my life. What's next? The "Punk Rock Enlightenment"? The "Age of Electric Guitar Exploration"? Oh my, I can't even fathom how awesome those two would be after viewing this epic.
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Fricking awesome!
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I thought this was going to be related to High Renaissance Man.

"Bristol's kinda become a..fourth home...to me"
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This is probably my favorite.
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