Heroes, Rogues, and Jezebels
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Pulp Fiction is an exhibition of (mostly) Australian pulp novel and magazine covers from the University of Otago Special Collections Library. (NSFW)
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They made Alvin Purple into a book?

Like with words?
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Oh wow, Alvin Purple!

Slightly related, I just recently saw Not Quite Hollywood. That's a whole amazing era of film, TV and books that I was not alive for, but looking back now I wish I was. I can't remember the last time I was excited about an Australian movie coming out.

(Actually, I can. As a huge Tony Martin fan I loved Bad Eggs regardless of how others felt. Also, his two books are a great read.)
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Ok, I really want to read some of these.

The World of If
The True Horrifying Story of the Pyjama Girl
And Incidentally Murder
Heroes, Rogues and Jezebels (Which sounds like an awesome rpg name)
T as in Trapped
Nurse in a Cage

I could go on...
These guys really knew how to come up with awesome titles.
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Is J.E. MacDonnell in there? Why, yes. Twice! Carry on, then.
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Awesome. I approve.
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I'm looking at the Alvin Purple cover on the job. But then, I'm always on the job.
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Alvin Purple, for youse forriners.
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Yay, my alma mater. Now to actually look at the links...
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Ya ha ha... these two are total rip-offs of Wally Wood's classic Weird Science cover for EC Comics. Well, like Woody always said -- if you're gonna swipe, swipe from the best.
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When I'm Supreme Leader every periodical will be forced by law to have pulp art on the cover. I feel it will greatly improve The Economist, Teen Beat, and The Lancet, among others.
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Nice post - and because it hasn't come up in the Related Posts here's a previous post on the art of R.A. Maguire.
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Strewth blue, some of those covers are enough to make a bloke crack a fat. Unless ya chuckin a sickie, or yer some kinda dero or somethin, ya boss is just gonna get straight up ya for lookin at stick books like that.

Not that I'm a misery guts, or one of those blokes who likes to finger the freckle. I'm a great fan of sheilas in the nuddy, and given the right place and time, I'm as keen as any bloke to stretch me optic nerve at a beaut lookin fanny.

But, fair dinkum mate, his nibs is gonna be fully ropeable if he catches me droppin me strides and muckin round with me donger at me desk..
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This is the best title.
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I love the cover blurbs on several of these, but especially the rather generically-named The Love Game. International tennis players? Spicy.
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