The Real McCoy
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As Americans raise a glass today to family and absent friends they do not have to worry if they are drinking The Real McCoy.*
"Bill" McCoy, was an American sea captain and rum runner during Prohibition. Originally from Daytona, he cut his ties and moved North when My mom passed away, my wife left me, and my bulldog died.
The foe was the Coastguard; the smugglers normally had sail.
The Halifax Historical Museum is now running an exhibition about him; and here is a preview of a documentary with an interesting review and some publications about Rum Running.
(* your interpretation may vary).
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Ah, the internal consistency of Wikipedia. The McCoy article says he gave rise to the phrase. But the article about the phrase says that it was used as far back as 1856. So, no, the phrase has nothing to do with Bill McCoy, as fascinating a life as he led.
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So he was, in fact, the fake McCoy.
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aw shoot, I would have loved if he was a reason for that phrase.
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Dammit Jim, I'm a bootlegger, not an historian!
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