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EMS electronic music pioneer Dr. Peter Zinovieff discusses the story of computers and early electronic music. Transcript here.

He discusses the strange synchronicity with Bob Moog and others, funding, pioneering moments and exhibitions, and Andrei Rublev of all things.
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I should warn it's slow going at first, kind of irritating and tedious, but it picks up as soon as he starts presenting his stuff.

He even talks dismissively of the folks who drool at analog synths today, which made me laugh and tease me husband, who is one such synth-nerd.

BTW, this series is awesome (puzzling as it's RB-sponsored). We spent the holiday yesterday listening to Cosey Fanni Tutti talk all morning. And Cluster! Swoon.
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The series looks great. I'm a bit surprised that it is a RedBull project, but certainly not going to complain.
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Yeah, it's like bizarro world. But g'ah. Steve Reich, Tony Allen, Liquid Liquid, Kompakt and Sub Pop records, Peter Hook, the Ethiopiques series, Matmos, Goblin, Chuck D, Bob Moog, Fennesz, Plaid, Kings of Convenience...such a gold mine.

Though I confess it did make me giggle they have Sir Mix-a-lot.
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Not that I've been following music press all that closely, but it's kind of amazing that I have been fans of their music for over 30 years and never once saw their name anywhere - leave alone an interview.

I guess corporate "charity" can be used for good.
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I had the opportunity to play with a EMS VCS 3 many years ago. Such a devious interface!

(Note: Must watch Andrei Rublev again).
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This is (surprisingly) interesting. The archive has some intriguing stuff in it too.
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@b1tr0t - redbull has been a huge supporter of new movements in electronic music. they sink a ton of money into the red bull music academy, demf/movement, mutek, decibel, etc.
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I didn't know there was a red bull music academy. I'm not surprised that they support rockstars and club music. What surprises me is that they support education and the more esoteric stuff. Good for them!
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Such a devious interface!

You're not kidding. Trying to get the same sound twice is an exercise in futility.
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