Smosh's Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE
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Five years and more than one hundred videos after their debut on Youtube, Smosh has released a video as a 5-year-anniversary celebratory video, taking stabs at the powers that be within YouTube.

Their first video was removed from YouTube for copyright infringement, (non-Smosh upload here) and was what boosted the duo to become the Youtube sensations they are now. Be sure to check out their Smosh Pit, as they release new material every day.
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These kids really irk my soul. Nothing in particular. Just... *shudder*
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Okay, so ten out of ten for enthuiasm, but minus several million for style, yeah?
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Oh. This must be what replaced Homestar Runner.
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But really. Am I the only one who has never heard of these guys? I seriously don't get their schtick at all....
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I kinda liked their transformers theme video, mostly for the transforming animations, but I can't say I like anything else.
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Those dudes are way too skinny to be doing belly button lip sync.
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I've never heard of them either, and reading the post I had them confused with Smoosh, which I vaguely remembered from a bit about them on NPR about 4.5 years ago.
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Thanks, OP, for linking to this...this...earworm. This earworm of a song that I can be embarrassed about knowing, when my husband catches me humming it (and he will!). My boys are teenagers now, and I only just got the Might Morphing Power Rangers song out of my noggin. I thought I was free from Pokemon. I thought I had a cushy life ahead of me, with maybe a few snippets of Banana Phone popping in every now and again, but now? Now I am cursed to weeks of "Gotta catch em all! (Pokemon!)" I guess it could be worse. It could be a post about Mahna Mahna. Yes. The words are different, but it's the tune, see. The tune, which had to have been written by earworm scientists somewhere, hidden in their secret lab, working to find the stickiest tune EVER.
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Not sure that was a dig at YouTube, more like at the owners of Pokemon --- I mean we wouldn't be the ones flagging anything, we clearly wouldn't be the ones suing them, etc. And our lawyers don't even wear suits!
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These guys are indeed huge, though. #5 most subscribed of all time, they were #1 at one point until the Fred juggernaut overtook them. 530 million views on their uploads.

(This old BI article is probably wrong about any exact amounts, but is the only public data I can find about how much they're making from all this)
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reading the post I had them confused with Smoosh

me too. i was all "oh yeah, i wonder what those girls are up to ..."

They have a (fairly) new album for free download on bandcamp: Withershins.
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wildcrdj - Ah, I see. You were correct; this is, in fact, about the Pokemon people. My apologies.
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