What of the man behind the curtain?
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Julian Assange has come to worldwide notoriety after Wikileaks, the organization he co-founded, posted United States military and diplomatic secrets. But what are Assange's motivations? His archived blog, written during the early Wikileaks days, provides a fascinating insight into his views.

Julian Assange leads a life that lives like a spy novel: 'insurance' files (previously), having no home and permanently traveling from place to place. His actions are angering world powers who are beginning to demand his head.

In addition to international pressure, he has faced legal trouble. He was charged with rape in Sweden in August, but the arrest warrant was dropped a few days later. Two weeks ago, a Swedish court upheld the warrant and demanded he be questioned. He is currently on the run from Interpol, Swedish, and US authorities, and it is unclear how long he can evade arrest given increasing international pressure.
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But then, when truth matters most, when truth is the agent of freedom, I stood before Justice and with truth, lost freedom.

Yeah because he was busted hacking when he was a kid. This guy is craaaazy. He has no sense of personal responsibility.
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Is he officially on the run from US authorities, aside from the Interpol warrant? I don't think he has broken US law.
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Freedom is just another word for doing whatever I want to without regard to its consequences.
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