My body is floating in space
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Jessica Harrison makes art (photos, sculpture) primarily about the body.
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posted by Gator at 2:46 PM on November 29, 2010

Some of these are absolutely fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of the ceramic dolls, although I totally get and appreciate what she's going for-- my aesthetics tend more towards the organic and textured, which is totally just me. I love everything from the 2009 page, for instance, and quite a bit from 2005. Some of this reminds me a bit of Kiki Smith.

Thanks for the post.
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Beautiful and strange. I know a couple of people who collect similar 'normal' figurines like this, which I have always found lovely but yawny. I would love to sneak one or two of these in and see how long it takes Aunt Nell to notice. Heh.
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Yeah, not really a double. Just because one of her pieces was mentioned before doesn't mean this has been posted.
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Well, the site was linked a few comments in on the previous post. (I remember being annoyed that the OP didn't bother to look up the artist himself.)
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There's a couch in there that sure looks like a butthole was involved. Butthole Couch Surfers?
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Was a time I would have found her stuff the coolest. Now I just feel old and a bit creeped out.
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When I play the bass line I feel like I wasn't invited to the coolest party of the year, right next door.
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[chortle] Now to freak out the Stones fans by posting something about bloody porcelain.
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Love her work, wry dark humor. Thanks for posting this. I'd seen her macabre porcelain, bloody anatomy mashups but hadn't seen her other stuff, which I really like.
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Yo that arm chair is gross! Really like her work in general though.
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It looks like Buffalo Bill has expanded his love of design into the furniture biz. Slaughtery Barn?
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I love the furniture sculptures too. very genitally. it would be really cool if she did a whole house full of miniatures.
posted by Treefood at 12:08 AM on November 30, 2010

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