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ask alphonso Want to know about bass guitar? Why not ask ex-Weather Report bassist Alphonso Johnson.
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I have to say, I clicked away on a "MetaFilter whim" and found myself reading Q&A's on a message board, on a site, for someone I have never heard of. I read about bass buy advice, and upcoming shows. This guy seems to respond to every post directed at him. With his apparent busy schedule I am surprised he finds the time. I know all this because I spent 30 minutes reading about a topic and someone I have no knowledge/interest in. Um.
posted by tenseone at 8:10 PM on September 1, 2001

tenseone, thanks, that was my *first* frontpage link and you said a nice lot of my point.

He seems to puts in much more time online than do many people as strong in their fields as he is.

Comes from being on the road? ...with a nice wireless laptop and plenty of time to kill?
posted by crunchburger at 8:10 PM on September 5, 2001

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