the real blues deal
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A sweet pair of vintage clips from blues greats, both born on this day: Robert Nighthawk playing on a Maxwell Street stoop, c. 1964; and Brownie McGhee playing with his partner Sonny Terry at Newport Folk Festival, 1963.

The Robert Nighthawk Story - November 30, 1909 – November 5, 1967

These clips have still or grossly annoying images, but they are awesome songs so just listen:
Bricks in My Pillow (love this song - listen, but don't look)
Sweet Black Angel
Return Mail Blues

Brownie McGhee bio - November 30, 1915 - February 16, 1996. (Images are fubared, but the write up and song samples are good.)

A few more clips from Sonny & Brownie:
Hooray, Hooray, These Women is Killin Me
On the Pete Seeger show: Hootin the Blues - showcasing Sonny's awesome hootin & hollerin
Another with Pete Seeger: I Couldn't Believe My Eyes - a quirky, fun little song written by Brownie

And wait - there's more:
Fabulous prior post with more live blues on Chicago's Maxwell Street by -- who else? -- Flapjax at Midnight. And not directly related but just because it is vintage blues and so totally sweet & awesome, Swift's prior post on Delta Blues.
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Don't make 'em like that anymore, etc., etc., etc.

Happy birthday, sirs, wherever you are.
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SO GOOD. Thank you.
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Is it true that Sonny and Brownie totally hated each other, like Sam and Dave?
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Just read the McGhee bio link and got my answer: yes, they did.
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a gem. i played both songs at the same time and that was interesting.
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mjj your a genius...Midnight Hour Blues
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leaves a hole in the back of your head like ziiiiing
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^ stinkycheese says it all.
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This post didn't get nearly enough favorites or comments. Listening to Van Morrison's Cleaning Windows right now and he sings:
I heard leadbelly and blind lemon
On the street where I was born
Sonny terry, brownie mcghee,
Muddy waters singin Im a rolling stone
I went home and read my christmas humphreys book on zen
Curiosity killed the cat
Kerouacs dharma bums and on the road
Tom Wolfe gives a shoutout in 'Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test' too, right? The Merry Pranksters welcome the Hells Angels, something something memory faulty...
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