No Return Address
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No Return Address. An epistolary short story by Sigrid Ellis. (via)
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This is ....very disturbing.
posted by The Whelk at 12:29 PM on December 1, 2010

I really liked it. It was vivid and moving and surprising. But I wish she'd figured out a way for Rose to take Keith along on this adventure to be.

This also feels like a story that wants to become a fantasy novel to me.
posted by bearwife at 12:33 PM on December 1, 2010

Oh wow. That was really amazing. I love the method of telling this story. And I really want more. I want the adventure to find the daughter, and the adventure after.
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I wanted a little more plot. I'm not sure it goes far enough.
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It's tantalizing, that's for sure. I think I know what I'm bringing to my next Storyreading.
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We passed Peak Vampire a year ago and Fairies are now the tragic antiheros of our collective unconscious. Watch this space.
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