You're ALL getting mixtapes
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Midwest label Suburban Sprawl puts out a CD of X-Mas music every winter. They've collected the last eight years of them here. Highlights include The High Strung, The Hard Lessons, and the common lament, "Santa Just Crashed Into My House and He's Drunk as Fuck."
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the next 30 days are going to feel really silly.
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Klang, dig the post title.

This should be fun.
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The Paincakes — Santasweatlive is genius in its wrongness.
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It would be cooler if they weren't all holiday songs. But then I guess that's the whole point.
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Wow, Thanks for posting! I've been (co-)facilitating this and contributing almost every year. Pretty thrilled to see it posted in the blue!
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You've got fans! Kattalus just told me that I barely beat him to posting it.

(I used to write for Current and loved the Suburban Sounds X-Mas samplers. And I've still got a copy of an EP that has some Saturday Looks Good To Me and Rants tracks that I haven't ever seen anywhere else.)
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(Your first link has one too many http://'s)

Checking this out now. Thanks OP!
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Fantastic! We have an off-beat holiday party every year. This will make a perfect playlist.
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Good catch, Schleppo. Thanks. (Flagged for mods.)
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Hi Klang, what genre of music would you say this is? Thanks,
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It's a whole bunch but mostly indie rock, indie pop and folk, with a bunch of silliness thrown in.
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Can anyone recommend a site that will play all the mp3s on this page? I thought that yahoo player would do it but it's down right now.
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You can use a download plugin to grab all the mp3s at once (though I try not to do that because I know it totally torques servers). I don't know of anything that will take all the links and make a streaming playlist — if you find it, lemme know, because it sounds awesome.
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Nice. I make a mix for friends of alternative holiday music each year, and some of these might help.
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