Free Brad Manning, please.
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Free Bradley Manning!
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Activism posts aren't a great use of mefi in general, terseness isn't helping here, and insulting your fellow mefites is a pretty shitty way to respond to people disliking a questionable post. -- cortex

posted by aheckler at 9:12 AM on December 2, 2010

Three context-less links don't suddenly make context.
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 9:12 AM on December 2, 2010

Good cause. Poor post. Sorry.
posted by Joe Beese at 9:13 AM on December 2, 2010

Is anyone else not seeing a user for this post?
posted by griphus at 9:18 AM on December 2, 2010

3 word, 3 links.
was completely intentional.
links explain anything.
switch on your brain, and curiosity.
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I really appreciate these holiday discounts. Up to this point, Bradley Mannings were going for $2.50 a bushel, but the price has been dropping in an effort to drum up sales of Adrian Lamos and the costly Julian Assanges.

Jokes cheap, all week long.

And why does no one say "Liberate [wrongfully imprisoned person]"? Is it too much of a call to arms to physically break someone out of custody? Or am I one of the few who find "Free [someone]" an odd slogan?

posted by filthy light thief at 9:19 AM on December 2, 2010

Maybe this could go here, in the previous wikileaks post?
posted by Lemurrhea at 9:21 AM on December 2, 2010

Bradley Manning should be tried, and if found guilty of Treason, should face the firing squad.
posted by BobbyVan at 9:21 AM on December 2, 2010

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