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Draw Brandon Draw is a web comic by Brandon B. that follows short, surreal story arcs. The current arc (which seems to be shaping into something more sustained) is about psychics living in a closed community called "The City". The comic itself is mostly work safe, but the current blog content is Not Safe For Work.
Hi, my name is Brandon B.

I bring people their food for a living, but I like making comics whenever I can

Aesthetically, I would say my biggest influences are Hergé and Fletcher Hanks
But I love the kinds of japanese comics where people die and have sex and become horrible things, which probably comes across in my own comics.
Current Arcs:
A rocker's deal with the devil
Bigfoot roadkill
Crow dad
Cyborg teacher
Getting high on teeth (My favorite so far!)
A bleak future of street fighting
The start of the current arc

Short one-offs are thrown in along the way.
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I love the first appearance of crow dad.
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E.S.P. DUNK!!!
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The "High on teeth" arc is pretty awesomely surreal.
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