Meeting of the Minds.
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Meeting of the Minds. Maggie Estep interviews Jerry Stahl over an afternoon of playing the ponies. Posturing on the subway, Hubert Selby, Jr., the less glamorous episodes that didn't make it into "Permanent Midnight," and much more from two of the most engaging literary voices in recent memory. Stahl's new book won't be out until November, and Maggie has only just finished writing her latest novel, so the patient fans will have to make do with this for now. The pairing reminds me of some of the more inspired matchings from the heyday of Interview.
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Another classic interview with Jerry Stahl appeared in Tin House Magazine earlier this year. Jerry was interviewed by Ann Magnuson and ALF. Highly recommended for its insights into Hollywood and the absurdity of turning your novel (and your own messed-up life) into a movie.
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ALF as in 'ALF' ALF.. like... the ALF? I thought the furry blighter would be nothing but a glovepuppet in some hollywood producers kids bedroom by now. I gotta see this.. call me a tasteless swine but ALF was one hell of a guy.. erm.. alien.. erm.. thing.
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Oh noOoOoOo!! I've just saw ALF swear. I'm soiled. This cannot be happening. First Dana Plato now THIS! What the fuck is the world coming to. Next one of them kids out of Charles in Charge will be making Dutch porn with Punky Brewster!
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