"Thought of You" animation
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Amazing dance animation. Ryan Woodward submitted this to Sundance Film Festival. Sad that they didn't accept it because it really is beautiful.
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<that guy>
Technically, it's "Sad they didn't accept it {insert comma} because it really is beautiful". Parsed as typed, you're saying that the reason it wasn't accepted by the organizers of the Sundance Film Festival is because it really is beautiful.

Which is too avant garde even for the Sundance people...
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That said, it is quite lovely, and makes me remember how deeply I've enjoyed modern dance when you feel like you really get the dancer and the music as one, and where the movement has an unrestrained natural quality that's so freeing, even to watch.
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Tell us more about Ryan Woodward and his beautiful art projects!
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Now I'm really regretting that I missed the chance to see the Weepies in concert last week. That was a very pretty song.
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Avenger: Tell us more about Ryan Woodward and his beautiful art projects!

He has a website, which is hosted on Blogspot, but appears more like a traditional website. Click on the various links below the banner for more goodies, including some video clips on his bio page. He also posted a Behind the Scenes clip for this animation.
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Really nice, thanx for posting this.
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That was a beautiful animation to a song I love.
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unique...and nicely done... thanks for the link...
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I don't get it. The guy is prostrate through half the video but seems to get it together when he's "thinking" of her. Then he walks away.

Is it because he knows she's just a dream? Is her being shorter than he is a dealbreaker? Is he gay?

In any case, I'm thinking Hallmark needs to know about this. Who wouldn't appreciate a visual message with all the power of rhyming couplets?
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The choreography wasn't particularly original, but I liked how he captured one element of (most) modern dance styles--the refusal to aspire to weightlessness. The male figure was very grounded, very pulled down, for lack of a better term.
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I'm not a huge fan of dance, but really enjoyed watching this. And just bought "Say I Am You" because I can't get this song out of my head.
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Not getting into Sundance means absolutely nothing. It's a fucking crap shoot. It all depends on how the people watching your movie feel that day. It has nothing to do with how good you are.

Of course, I say this as someone who didn't get into Sundance, yet again. So take that advice as you will.
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I've seen some real crap films at Sundance. Their selection process is not 100%. I think the majority of short films that do get accepted are quickly forgotten. More people are probably going to see it on Vimeo.
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I love the way the animation allows certain things that can only be suggested by human movement to become reality, like when his arms and legs are stuck to e floor, or when she collapses onto the ground to become a flock of butterflies. Just wonderful. Thanks.
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pashdown is right... film festivals use some strange criteria to select films, it is no reflection of the quality (or not) of a film.

"Dawn of the Dead" was featured at Cannes... (those are my feet seen next to the rolling propane tank just before it blew up in front of Andy's gunshop....yes folks, my film (well, my feet) made it to Cannes!).

Yep, we were thrilled by that, but, really? It's a zombie movie!
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That was very well done. Thanks for sharing!
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I don't say this very often. (Well, ever.) This video makes me wish I was in love.
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Sundance isn't the most animation friendly festival--Annecy is the place to be. And it's not like Woodward is some unknown guy, sitting in his basement.
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Beautifully animated. Thank you!
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The ending felt a little juvenile, but I loved animation.
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The animation is lovely - reminded me very much of Erica Russel.
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Oh, this is lovely. He has an extraordinary grasp of how dancers actually move. It was beautiful, thanks for sharing.
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Aw. Lovely. [Am with you on the ending though, wemayfreeze]
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So he had live-action reference, and on top of that, added various goopy stuff or spaghetti shapes or wings, admittedly animated nicely, but perhaps not to quite meaningful effect. To me, this can only be partially termed "animation", as the dancers had already animated themselves. Their movements were essentially traced. It's great that he tried the collaboration - it adds incidental interest. But imagination-wise, the result is a little barren. You judge films based on their effect, not on the way they were produced.

It's not like Sundance doesn't consider and weigh the quality of the entries. This list of films shows that it's a pretty competitive field.
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Most animators have live-action references. I thought it was caricatured very well.
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(That is to say, it wasn't traced or rotoscoped.)
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