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Eskmo's new video We Got More made by b3ta wunderkind cyriak. Previously
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Thanks, I was wondering who might be a good example of a wunderkind from b3ta.

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The salvia kicks in at 0:50 precisely.
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Cyriak truly is a modern day Terry Gilliam.
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Oh, this guy is great.
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is today awesome music video day? because that is my favorite day
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Cyriak (on you tube) should be becoming as popular as Michael Gondry in the next few years. Or perhaps one of these: Chris (my favorite), Stephane (you might know him from these) Anton, Mark (Let's mix in some Tweets) Jonathan and of course Spike...
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Monkey0nCrack: " Chris (my favorite)"

This is amazing.
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Cyriak, along with Day Job Orchestra, are my absolute favorite Youtube artists.
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Loved the video, sad the music didn't live up to Cloudlight (which isn't a bad video, either, but not as much fun as this one).
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Really, really fantastic. How long was the video sample the whole thing is drawn from? 5 seconds?
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random self plug.
I did a lot of work on ESKMO's earlier video, Lands and Bones. Very different from this one, for sure.

I'm loving this mash up of MC Escher, Terry Gilliam and Inception going on here.

Oh, and Bay Area peeps, ESKMO is playing at Oakland's Fox Theater tomorrow, Saturday the 11th.
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Yay, this is awesome, and you can see how its ... minimalist complexity? ... is related to his previous Cycles.

I think the Bug Video people helped get Cyriak together with Ninja Tune to make this happen, after they interviewed him for the show a few months ago (If you're in London and an Adam Buxton fan, I highly recommend getting tickets for the next Bug Video session ... if you can)
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For some reason, this literally made me nauseated.

I continued watching anyway.
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I love me some Eskmo.
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Meow is my fave Cyriak video.

I wish I knew how he did his live-action stuff. I wish he'd do a how-to.
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The Tower of... whatever... at the end is awesome.
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In Praise of the Return of Inventiveness
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Cyriak is among the best things on the internet.
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awesome...i'm really glad he's getting work and recognition and it's not the crappy commercial shit that Joel Veicht and weebl got into.
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I think this is Cyriak's strongest work so far. It's more serious than his other pieces, more intricate, and plays to his strengths. And it helps that it relates so well to the soundtrack (being made for it, and all.) Really upstages the music that it is ostensibly showcasing, if you ask me.

He's definitely going places. Personally I'd like to see Cyriak to take his work in a more intentionally "Fine Art" direction. I think he would work well in that context, and be challenged to really step up his game. As much as I love the stuff he puts out, I often feel like he's sort of "playing around" which is a little frustrating because I feel like he's got more.

Imagine this stuff as a video installation, you know? Some kind of continually-looping animated fractal narrative in mind-shattering detail, projected in 360ยบ panorama. I'd love it. I really think that his work says things, about tedium and infrastructure and menace, and they're not totally new ideas or anything but the presentation is interesting and entertaining and a little disturbing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is MOAR PLZ.
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If you feel like looking down the street this is shot from, it's in NYC, from Columbus Circle. Google Maps Link.
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