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Charitable Thoughts About Bedbugs from the new standard for random web infographic funnies, Lunchbreath. Since his last appearance here, LB has also offered useful lifestyle advice about Craigslisting, Home Security, Maslow's Hierarchy, Inadequacies, Designer Portfolios and Greenwashing, as well as less practical content about Business Lumberjacks, Underachieving AT-ATs, Cow Stomachs and Moose Lips.

But if you prefer a daily format that resembles a conventional comic strip but contains 3-to-5 times the punchlines, may I recommend Bug, which has recently covered Snappy Comebacks, Thrill-seeking, Fezes, Optimism, Home Security (yes, related to Lunchbreath's piece), Looting (also semi-related) and Graverobbing.

OR if you just want some single-panel pop-culture in a distinctive style, say Hello With Cheese. Now you can't tell me webcomics are totally boring for at least two weeks.
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And I almost forgot (again), the venerable Graham Annable, whose videos I Mefi-ed, is doing a webcomic too!
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I've never had bedbugs but it doesn't sound so terrible.

Oh man oh man oh man do I ever want to write a response-comic to this. But I guess it would just be a solid red page with the blinking words "HERE'S WHAT IT'S LIKE" in Papyrus while It's A Small World plays on repeat 24/7 for about 4 to 5 months.
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So much fail in the bedbugs comic. Bedbugs do not "consider dandruff a delicacy"; they consume a strict 100% blood-only diet. They wouldn't be hanging out with you when you got home, unless you're working some pretty brutal hours, because they are nocturnal.

Also, there is no mention of clawing your own skin off from the itching, which I think is a serious omission.
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Pog jokes?
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Webcomics really should not enable comments. YouTubers are stupid, but webcomic repliers are sycophants.
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To me, there are few things that evoke the feeling of exhuming the dead (the main theme of that comic) more than references to Pogs. I LOLed.
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His sympathy for bedbugs aside, it seems like a lot of his stuff involves some extremely stupid puns, which means I'm really quite charmed!
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I thought the "Bug" strip was quite funny!
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I don't understand, Greg Nog. Extremely stupid puns are awesome.
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