The Who Live in 1965
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The Who in 1965. They are featured in a French documentary on the Mods. You can skip ahead to the Who live songs if you are not in the mood to watch the whole documentary.

From Google Translate: "Discover the new English youth in the district of Hammersmith, London suburbs and particularly the movement "mods" or "Modern", new dandies, mavericks ouvrier.Les interviews from rural youth about drugs, Police headquarters, politics, racism, society in general, alternate with concert footage of WHO on a small stage in London. Interview in French Kit Lambert, manager of the WHO, about Teddy Boys movement, rockers, mods."
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I'm about 8 minutes in and The Who have been cranking out some wonderful old R&B standards. I wonder when/where that footage is from. At first I thought it was the 1965 Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival stuff, but this here is different.

Woo hoo, interview with Pete too.
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I like the way it started with the marvellous Jungle Fever from The Tornados - B-side of "Telstar". My parents bought me that single - first I ever owned - when I was three years old.
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Is that not the Marquee Club? Didn't the Marquee have a stripy awning over the stage like that?
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Goodness me, those rural youths have a surprising breadth of knowledge don't they: police headquarters, politics, racism, society in general. Impressive. And it's a sad indictment on modern Britain that the rural youths in the area where I live only seem to know how to steal cars. Mine usually.
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dans le quartier de 'Ammeursmeeth ...

Love it! Thanks for posting.
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It's a long way from Maximum R&B to Quadrophenia, isn't it?
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Qui est plus mignon qu'un intellectuel français de chaîne-tabagisme ? Jeune Peter Townshend, c'est qui.

(that's Who).
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As noted, bitter young people dancing wires right into the heart of Quadrophenia.
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From Rock N Roll Doctor: They're like early hippies in England, but they're not hippies, they ride around on mopeds, you know.
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