A Top Hat and Wild Hair
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Audio slideshow: Photography of Sir Wilfred Thesiger Sir Wilfred Thesiger took nearly 40,000 photographs during his eight decades of travels throughout Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Now, to mark 100 years since his birth, Oxford's Pitt Rivers Museum is displaying some of his most striking images.
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Thanks. That's just awesome.
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Beautiful photos.

"I traveled places where people had not yet heard an engine."

But still, when these photos were being taken, Mussolini felt the need to use poison gas against the Abyssinians. Wild hair indeed.
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Funnily enough I'm reading his book "Arabian Sands" at the moment. Top stuff. I'm also trying to find a copy of "The Empty Quarter" by H. St.John Philby (father of the infamous Kim Philby). I blame Tim Powers and therefore by extension both Ken Hite and artw because, well, why not.
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Neat. Beautiful photographs.
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Thanks so much for this post!
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You know when you live in a place and you stop observing it because you live in it and you think you've seen it all? You've reminded me it's about time to revisit the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Also: they have shrunken heads there.
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longbaugh - You may also like A Reed Shaken By The Wind by Gavin Maxwell (yeah, the otter guy) who spend time with Thesiger in the Iraqi marshes. Very interesting book that sheds light on Iraq and Thesiger.
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Also get hold of The Marsh Arabs if you can. It's a very interesting read.
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The Marsh Arabs is on my list already (thank you nonetheless) but I shall seek out Maxwell's book as well - thanks guys :)
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