Geeky Bibliopegy
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Geeky Bibliopegy. Custom hand-bound journals and albums, featuring Buffy, Firefly, Doctor Who, etc. Check the blog for additional details on many of the volumes.
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Interesting work. Witney seems to be fond of the Coptic structure - which works pretty well for these types of artist books. I like that she provides some information about the materials used (I'm a book & document conservator and sometime book artist - this kind of info is all too often lacking with artist's books).
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Thanks for the post! I can only gaze wistfully upon said geekery and wonder how I've become so saddle-stitched by my own banal chapter and verse-ness. O for a more perfect binding!
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I wish my handwriting weren't so bad I'd feel guilty buying something like this. I know I'd never use it any more because I type what passes for my journal now. But there's something to the tactile feel and the pleasure of using something beautiful that I really envy, looking at these.
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Not to be confused with Greek Bibliophagy.
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Those are pretty cool conceptually, if not in execution. I love nerd books, hate coptics. I want to see those things in full leather.
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