Maybe next year.
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"The Festival of Lights is an annual event taking place in Lyon between 8th and 11th December 2010. The people of Lyon place candles or little candle lamps in their windows in honour of the Virgin Mary. The origins of the festival date back over 150 years, to 1852 when a statue of the Virgin Mary on Fourviere Hill was to be inaugurated."
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There are many photos posted on Imho, the coolest part was l'Installation de Feu. And I'd really love a wide high-resolution photo showing several of these awesome chimneys for a desktop wallpaper, ideally 1440x900 or better.
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Just fyi, I felt the festival was better done, less commercialized, and less crowded that last time I saw it, which was 2006. It's not nearly so cool now that advertisements are embedded in many displays.
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Hindus have something similar, it's also called the Festival of Lights or Diwali. Makes you reflect on how similar all religions are. Thanks for the knowledge. Cheers.
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Thanks for posting; this is really cool.
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Thanks, IndigoJones.

PSA: It doesn't really matter how you put up lights at this time of year, but you have to do it one way or another. Otherwise the sun might not know you want it to come back.
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