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Anémic Cinéma is the only film that Marcel Duchamp is credited with directing.
It's a short, just over six minutes, and was made using rotoreliefs.
You can play with some here and here.
Optical illusions present images which are "true" but inconsistent.
Inconsistency, Anemic Cinema, and the Rotoreliefs - Michael Betancourt. (Duchamp previously 1; 2;)
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Oh, neat! I believe I saw this thing a few years ago at the Hirshhorn Museum in DC, along with an installation on the Dadaists. It would cycle on and off to demonstrate the workings... I was surprised it was still in good working condition!
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Oh, goodness, thank you for this.
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Plus, its name is an anagram.
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This must have been mindblowing to see in the 20's. We're kind of used to seeing abstract animation in film and TV, but there wasn't really anything like this at that time.
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