The dignity and gravitas of zoo animals
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Menagerie is a an exhibition of black-and-white portraits of of zoo animals by Anne Berry. Ms. Berry uncovers a deep gravitas in her animal subjects hauntingly reminiscent of Civil War daugeurrotypes (like this rhinocerous) or the breezier portraits of Margaret Cameron (like this deer). (Whatever you do, don't miss the gorilla.)
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Beautiful pictures.

(But I'll admit my bias right now - I really like zoos.)
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I think that there deer is a kangaroo.
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The gravitas of blur vignette.
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That vignette business is just distracting, to my eye, rather than adding anything to the images. To each their own, I suppose.
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The orangutan certainly has Bergmanesque quality.
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Yeah that's the point. Phony vignette sucks. Unless your camera or the situational lighting naturally produces it there's almost never a good reason for the photo to have it.

This is even worse because It's a ham-handed fake of two effects: vignette and bokeh. And it's the same cookie cutter shopchop every time.

Which is a shame because I like some of the shots without it.
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Some of these are very nice, but I agree that the vignetting is overdone. little cow is right - the 'deer' is definitely a kangaroo.
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If the gravitas is a bit heavy, try the cheeky apartment menagerie, animals photographed in front of lively wallpapered walls, by Catherine Ledner.
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I wonder if instead of some digital vignette-trick, this photographer perhaps used some kind of archaic equipment. No time to research this now for specifics, but I remember reading that there's a veritable cult of using old, optically compromised cameras for effects very much like this one.

In any case, to my taste this is a technicality (not my favorite one, having spent months in the darkroom trying to make my black and white prints ever so perfectly crystal-sharp-what-have-you-notty, but that's not my point), whereas the "gravitas" has to do with the choice of subject and the expressiveness of the same. That vaguely smiling Orangutan is my special favorite (can't retrieve a separate link).
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