The afterlives of elephants
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"Among medieval artistic media it was the microchip": the historian Alexander Murray on ivory carving. The Gothic Ivories Project, a new website launched this week by the Courtauld Institute in London, aims to build a database of every surviving ivory sculpture made in Europe between 1200 and 1530. The 400 objects currently on the site, ranging from combs to chesspieces, include some images of astonishing beauty and intricacy.
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Thanks. That's some seriously beautiful and intricate carving. And microchips indeed - there's clearly a bucketload of information in some of them.

But I'm lost when it comes to interpreting it. Why are those calves chewing on baby Jesus?
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This is wonderful, thanks. Of all medieval ivory carving my favourites are undoubtedly mirror backs. Beautiful, delicate objects and testament to how the most ordinary items were ornamented.
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May these lovely objects also be revered as monuments to a generation of elephants, sacrificed for their creation, and to the carvers who devoted so much time to the creation of this useless beauty.
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Should imagine they're walrus ivory, but don't let that stop you lad.
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Fair dos, maybe I should have read the text as well as looking at the pictures. Bit of both.
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Medieval elephant holocaust - nevar forget
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Tangental datapoint: Jared Diamond asserts in Collapse that a contributing factor to the failure of Norse colonization of Greenland was the price drop in walrus and narwhal ivory after the crusades opened trade routes from Europe to sources of the superior elephant ivory that had been blocked for centuries by Arab expansion.

I am sure it is redundant to point out on the Internet that not everyone agrees.
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useless beauty

I too sincerely wish this was some kind of super-durable wood, and that countless sensitive and intelligent creatures hadn't suffered to supply this ivory. That said, even if any given ivory doodad isn't a comb or a reliquary, can't a sublime frisson be possessed of utility?
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This is the kind of thing I come here to find. Thank you, you've made my day.
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Wow; thanks for posting this.
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