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This post is a) NSFW or grandmothers, b) Derivative of previous stuff on Metafilter. Having said that, here goes: Canada is a Spanish production company. They do ads, fashion and the best videos I've seen in a very long time. You'd do well to start here.

This post is the bastard child of the bizarre love triangle of this post, this post and this comment, which directed my attention to the video linked above and started my exploration. If this is where Catalan avant-garde is taking us, where do I sign up?
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And of course I would forget to add the main links: Vimeo and their website. If a kind mod would add them to the post I'd be very grateful.
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I just watched that first video without blinking... I love the Scissor Sisters by themselves, but I found the video to be... Well, fascinating.

That and there was a unicorn at the end. Which did make my day.
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Woah, this is great.
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It's like "Black Swan" as conceived by Dario Argento.

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They seem to be stealing liberally from Buñuel, Brakhage, Man Ray and others, and updating it. Which is a fucking great idea.
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In the interest of accuracy, as a grandmother, I started to watch this.

Yep, not safe for grandmothers.
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Love these. I wish the post was a little better, but I love these.
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this is so ...Jungian
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There's a paper to be written on all the cinematic references in this -- Vertigo, Rosemary's Baby, Exorcist, Belle du Jour, Family Plot, Basic Instinct, REM's Caravaggio reference in Losing My Religion...

Excellent stuff. Fascinating. And the superficial references perfectly suit the false-gravitas of the pop album of Summer 2010.
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Please make your post about the thing you're posting about, and not about the site you are posting it on.
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I got a boner, shit myself, then wished I was taller.
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The Catalan avant-garde doesn't seem to have moved much beyond Buñuel other than they can get away with more nudity.
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I miss the MTV of my youth.
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Two things: their Scissor Sisters video is also well-indebted to Clouzot's ill-fated L'Enfer, about which a documentary including various scenes was recently released on DVD; and, as many young directing talents are wont, CANADA have signed to Partizan.
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Well, now I have a new thing to play unexpectedly for my friends when they're all stoned and freak them right out, freak them right out of my house.
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It's like Dark Shadows meets… electro-pop.
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That was just a lousy bait-and- switch to make us look at a clown, wasn't it?

Wasn't it!?!
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Sady Doyle would like to tell you about that video.
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Great find, that vimeo channel and their site is full of cinema quoting eye candy.
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Yes, it was all to make us look at the clown. At least, that's what I took away from it.
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Pffft whatever all my saturday nights look like that.
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I guess this isn't going to be on MTV any time soon.

Because MTV doesn't play music anymore.
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They had me at "Horses and Ponies." Excellent.
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That video was composed of so many techniques that I absolutely loathe, but I kept watching for the unfolding story... made me think that perhaps I hate them because they're so often used by "artistes" who don't actually have anything to say but want to say it so obscurely you wont notice.
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Clown, you say? I'll give you clown......
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Thank you for this.
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If you like the way this song sounds, it was produced by Stuart Price who also did "Hung Up" for Madonna, and a bunch of huge club remixes under various aliases. (Thin White Duke/Jacque Lu Cont/Les Rhythm Digitales)

For example:

Royksopp - What Else Is there.

Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene

Killers - Mr Brightside

Fischerspooner - Just Let Go
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