Awesome Aurora Pics
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Katja's Aurora Page. Katja Gottschewski, German expat somewhere in Norway, posts an immense amount of awesome aurora pictures on her blog-homepage.

"In September 1999, I moved from Germany to Bodø, Northern Norway. Since then, I have been very keen on the aurora, which I had never seen before. I had read about the phenomenon, but didn't know much more than that it existed. I could never have imagined something so fantastic! I was surprised that it was so big, and that it often moved so quickly. And it never gets boring: There are endless variations of form and colour."
Links for many hours of indulgence inside.
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The one on her homepage is doublepluswow...would love to see some higher resolution versions of these!
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Somewhere in Norway lies, as Katja writes, in the city Bodø, in the third-most northern region in Norway (Nordland, a region here is what you would call a "county" in America I guess). The regions further north are Troms and Finnmark (well known for the Sami people, although the Sami people also lives in other parts of Norway, and of course, in the other Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, and perhaps Russia too).

I was born and raised in Troms, and have seen the Aurora Borealis many, many times (also of course, the midnight sun in the summer).

These days I live and work in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Oslo is also the city in Norway which have the largest population of Sami people.

(if I'm ranting; sorry, I've been out drinking a bit tonight with a couple of buddies. Cheers!)
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Seeing an aurora live is near the top of my bucket list.
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As children in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the aurora was visible one night, but of course nothing like those. At first people thought it was just the usual shifting red night-time glow from the steel mill slag dumps, a few miles away in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania.
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