Wang Wenlan's Beautiful Bikes.
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The Flowing Great Wall is an ongoing photo series by Wang Wenlan, the Director of the photography department at The China Daily.

Wen's lens provides a deep yet playful insight into the day to day place of bicycles in China's recent history. Highlights include photos of massed bikes and riders, bicycle ferries, images of riders in remote locations and enjoying fleeting moments of solitude, shots of bicycles as ambulances and beasts of burden, and one of sheep that have captured a bicycle.

The series starts at the bottom right of the main gallery (the first link here).
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Doh. Bottom middle.
posted by Ahab at 11:08 AM on December 19, 2010

OK: after past threads where I have bitched, "Why is this mediocre photography* site on the Blue?", this FPP I get. Wang Wenlan has an eye. Respect, yo.

* Or dance, etc...
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Great pictures, thanks for the post.
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I like these images very much, especially the ones from late 80s -- life had a slower pace back then and bikes were ubiquitous. Earlier last year when I went back to Shanghai, my dad wanted to borrow a bike for a couple of hours for some reason, and asked among his old neighbors -- but he failed and ended up taking a taxi. It's still quite inconceivable to me how he would fail to borrow a bike!
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