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Short vids by photographer Noah Kalina: Chinese Herb store, (A guy standing still in the midst of movement), Seltzer (wonderfully NSFW!), Space Rail, Earl, The Floss Boss (also NSFW, due to some pubic hair & candy floss combination), a cat. 30 more, there… From his blog: A fitting portrait of Julian Assange by Phillip Toledano, a Giant Sesame Bagel Admiring Its Own Beauty...

It’s hard to believe that Noah Kalina had only 1 mention on MeFi earlier (?). 11 years ago, on January 11, 2000, he started taking a snapshot of himself every day, and with the exception of 25 days, mostly during the first year, had continued doing it every day since. Some other people that had done similar projects are on his YouTube channel. Celebrities. Photography blog. some of his pieces reminds me of Andrew Warhola's.
(Btw, From the time I started composing this post, 25% of his videos on Vimeo went "private" - I hope the rest will stay public, even as visitors hits the site)
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growabrain, I believe you meant to say "some of his pieces reminds me of Andrew Warhol's."
posted by IAmBroom at 1:20 AM on December 21, 2010

Fuck, it's late. Shoulda memailed that, instead of putting it in a post. Sorry.
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IAmBroom, his last name was actually Warhola although he always used the shortened version professionally.
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He's a good photographer, but... are we sure these aren't parodies of artsy short films? Because "Floss Boss" in particular is just the sort of thing I would film if I wanted to make fun of this sort of thing.

But, well, at least I got to see Reggie Watts pretending to be a still photograph, or something.
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octothorpe: thanks!
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