Epic; house of Gilgamesh
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Acoustic archaeology is a growing field, on display at stonehenge, temples at the ancient Mayan city of Palenque (map) in central Mexico, at a Mayan pyramid (previously), and at The Chavín de Huántar Archaeological Acoustics Project. To listeners educated in Western classical tradition one of the most striking features of gagaku music is its foremost emphasis on timbre.

Gone languages, returned to ears rejoicing.
The Epic of Gilgamesh, and other important cultural pieces, in an otherwise dead Old Babylonian, spoken again.
Lines ii.0'-iii.14, read by Martin West
(Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra!)

Chladni plates: the first historic step towards visualizing sound (More)
Acoustic Engineer Trevor Cox takes us on a two-part journey into the world of acoustics research, starting with the sounds we love to hate. 1 / 2.
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Frigicom, represent!
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This building, it vibrates?
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Gagaku music examples please? Amazing how attempting to download such ancient music leads to so many spammy, email-password-hungry sites.
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I've heard a couple of attempts at original pronunciation of Shakespeare, but I'm a bit skeptical since they sound completely different. They sound like Irish or West Country accents, neither of which seems particularly likely for a Midlands playwright working in London.
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Here are a couple of examples of Gagaku in context (just cool); I recognize this will not touch some folks' musical ears, I love these songs (particularly the "gagaku" link).
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Excuse me, but... this appears to be an extremely wierd post? Why does the link in the FPP appear to have (almost) connection whatsoever to the... very niche content presented with little context or description in the body of the post?

Or am I missing something?
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