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A space wardrobe - images of the National Air and Space Museum’s collection of spacesuits from throughout the history of American space exploration.
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Strange that it doesn't include suits from the Space Shuttle program. Also, to the Apollo astronauts, those that walked on the moon, wear two different suits, one for blast off and another for walking on the moon? Or was there some sort of combination there?
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It's amazing how frail some of the earliest suits appear.
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The older suits look sad and abandoned, somehow. The Mark V especially; that thing's a Frankenstein's monster of utility clothing. It means well, but it's... creepy.
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You want to see a really depressing spacesuit?
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Smithsonian article from 2009 about spacesuit conservation; I thought I had seen it on the blue but can't find it there.
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They don't make bad stage clothes, either!
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Overheating zippers (probably a good thing those were on the back and not in the fly region), micrometeroids, water-cooled underwear: a lot of challenges here. Maybe TLC can create some kind of design competition show for this. "NASA's Next Top Spacewear Designer"
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Thanks for sharing! I particularly enjoyed the "futuristic" look of the hard shelled #14!
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