A Scourge of Elf Attacks
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Maturl Remrit: A Dwarf Fortress Tale.

Dwarf Fortress Fiction, previously.

Via Kotaku, who have a trailer. Graphics are provided by stonesense.
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I came to post about how awesome that tileset is, and how if I had that it might be the thing to finally get me over the DF learning curve (on at least my fourth failed attempt).

Then I realized that the screenshots are made with a separate visualizer program, not real time.
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Shoot, I should have included that. I dropped a line to the mods so they can add that part to the post.
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Oh, they haven't figured out a way to make the interface usable in-game, yet? Thank god, otherwise I'd have to start playing immediately.
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Oh Mittens how your fur shined
Oh Mittens how your head purred
Oh Mittens how your feet landed (when hurled)
Oh Mittens where have you left
Oh Mittens do you miss me too
- "Ode to Mittens" by Exi the Poemhaver

wow, this is great! i heart DF fiction
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Love the missing cat poster.
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Then I realized that the screenshots are made with a separate visualizer program, not real time.

stonesense updates in real time if that makes a difference to you
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23rd Hematite 1051
Scheme solved. The wood is used to construct beds. Implications are terrifying.

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I love this. This is the first DF Let's Play interaction I've seen that edged sideways into the psychological horror. I think the way the updates are done is better than straight narrative, as it mirrors the gameplay a little better.
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13th Felsite 1051
I am concerned for Mar. She has developed hand bumps and I informed her in my doctor opinion unless severed they will grow into elves and fall off. She asked: what sort of elves? I explained: the horrific kind.

22nd Felsite 1051
I have begun a promotion for the medical room. The first patient will receive another limb.

I have my concerns with the state of Dwarven medicine.
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Someone wrote a thesis on these things, and it's a pretty good read.
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Prediction: the much-predicted apocalypse of 2012 is the result of someone completing the inevitable merger of minecraft and dwarf fortress.
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It will only be a conceptual apocalypse. "Reality" will simply be transferred to a global server where every human being is simultaneously playing that game. Like The Matrix, but we will have done it to ourselves.

...beats Idiocracy, right?
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Dammit all. I finally got to the part where they start underground farming and it still makes no sense to my addled brain! HOW THE HELL? How do you do it? Every time I try to punch a hole in a pond or river everything floods, everyone dies, there's no way to get the water out, no way to plug the hole... so impossibly frustrating. I can't build a corkscrew pump until I have enough food to actually produce the kind of dwarves that will build a corkscrew pump! The underground mud farming thing breaks the damned game for me.

I've read the wiki about farming, it still makes no sense. How do you block the hole that you've sprung in the bottom of the pond? How do you get the dwarf to swim across the flooding waters underground to close a floodgate or lay down a new wall?
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All it says is, "Exi blocked the hole with a pillar." How did Exi get to the hole? It's in a flooding room!
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The easiest way to do underground farming is by making a sufficiently large room beneath a pond that the water from the pond will spread out to 1/7 when a hole is punched through.
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So you punch a hole in the ceiling?
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Yep. An upward slope works. Just make sure the room the water is flowing into is a few times larger than the pond.
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(1) baby balrog, the easiest way is to dig out a large room (MUCH larger, like 4-5x) than the pond you're going to breach, right next to said pond. when the "farm plot room" is totally dug out, then punch a hole in the wall to the pond.

(2) You could also dig the farm room under the pond, and breach using the "dig ramp" (which basically channels upwards) from the farm room. But this is a little harder and more dangerous IMO.

(3) Finally, you could dig a hallway from the pond to the farm room, build a floodgate in the hallway, and breach the wall between pond and hallway from above using c(H)annel. You can use the floodgate to decide how much water to let through.
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If you do (1) or (2), you block up the hallway/ramp by building a wall or floor, AFTER the pond is done emptying (this is to prevent rain from refilling and reflooding the room).
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If you do (3) connected to a river or a brook instead, you can make any arbitrarily large underground room muddy, and grow an underground forest. The floodgate has to be connected to a lever in order to control it.
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Took me a while to figure out too. I usually dig out the intended farm room on the same level the water is on (not the surface of the water, the actual water), dig a path to the water but leave the last square, then build a grate, install it, then build a floodgate, install it, build a lever, link the lever and the floodgate, then go to where the water surface is and channel out that last square to flood my chamber, then have someone pull the lever to open the floodgate and close it again when everything's flooded. I also put a door on the path to the farm room and lock it to keep the water from going everywhere.

MeMail me if you have further questions.
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26rd Limestone 1051: I was fierce with the crop.

That's terrific and makes me want to start another LP of my own.
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T.D. Strange: Stonesense is a separate visualizer program that runs in real time.

Well... Dwarf time.
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Thanks for the help everybody! It hadn't occurred to me that a pond holds a limited stack of water, though this seems quite obvious now. I may drown a few dreggs in the process, but hell, l.i.f.
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This is really well done. I particularly liked the lost cat engraving. Got a speck of gabbro in my eye, there. And speaking of engravings, BEHOLD THE HORROR OF THE BUCKETS, if you dare.
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I usually build a pump early on; you can build all the parts out of wood. In fact, I'll usually buy a few bits of timber at outset to get pumps and beds built faster.
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I do not like how Trumpet stares. I do not have rock nuts for Trumpet.

monster truck weekend was delighted by a war mule lately.
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Note: In this story is the word "furtively". Giggity.
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LiteOpera: Someone wrote a thesis on these things, and it's a pretty good read.

Holy crap, that thesis cites the interview I did with Tarn Adams!
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Oh man. Dwarf Fortress. The last time we had one of these threads, I reinstalled it just to see what was new in the latest version.
I came to 12 hours later. As far as I could tell, I had been in the middle of upgrading the drowning trap in the inner courtyard to work completely automatically, just in case the goblins made it that far. I'm not sure what the reasoning was there, since only one of them had even made it as far as the cage traps, while the others were busy drowning in the outer courtyard.
I am so glad I don't have a computer that can run DF anymore.

(By the way, are any of you hosting games on DFTerm?)
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