Following the Reindeer
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Evocative photographs by Evgenia Arbugaeva of "nomadic tribes of reindeer herders in my homeland, the Republic of Yakutia, which is located in eastern Siberia." You can read more about the indigenous peoples of Arctic Russia here (as you might guess, the outlook isn't rosy), and if you're curious and want more links, there's a zillion of 'em here.
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Nice post! I would love to spend a summer roaming around there chasing reindeer. Those photos of the landscapes are fantastic.
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Great photos! By the way if you are having seasonal dreams of becoming a reindeer herder - but are put off by the prospects of living somewhere like the UK - you should read about what it takes to become one.

[and I am tactfully refusing to post any links about how good they taste].
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Oh my gosh the reindeer in this picture has a death's head muzzle! Or is that something all reindeer have?
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holy crap, my recent conlang involves reindeer herders so this is very relevant to my interests. Great post!
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These are wondergoul pictures! Thanks for this post! Reindeer meat balls are sooooo unbelievably delicious! And reindeer are generally really nice animals.
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This picture made me sad. (beautiful, but so, so cold.) And then I read the article, and it made me sadder.The incidence of disease, as well as traumas, has increased several hundred percent since 1970.

What a hard life. I wonder if these people feel that way, or if it's just a privileged Westerner's perspective.
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Really excellent, thanks.
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