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A Very Gwar Christmas

Sadly, the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu does not make an appearance.

Also, Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend and its wonderful cover art.
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I was all geared up to go "meh" since I'm a Richmond native and I'm Gwar desensitized but this was actually pretty funny. "WHERE IS BABY JESUS?!" That made me laugh out loud.
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Needs more giant rubber penis.
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WHERE IS BABY JESUS?! made me laugh out loud too. The thongs were fun too.
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I've always enjoyed Gwar, but as Gwar, not as musicians. I don't mean to imply that I dislike their music - I just mean I don't believe I've ever actually heard any of their music before.

But now I've heard "Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend", and... it's a whole lot less hard than I always imagined Gwar to be. I always imagined Gwar, musically, as something like Anthrax or Slayer. But this seemed more like... I don't know... Richard Marx trying to be edgy.
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Maybe that was overstating the case. Rather than "Richard Marx trying to be edgy", maybe "Poison or Motley Crue". But not Anthrax.

Or maybe "Richard Marx trying to be Poison or Motley Crue".
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There are so many things to love about this. Dancing grannies, blood-spraying saws, kicking around those blow-up lawn ornaments that creep me out

There is such joy in it. It's like silly high school boys that never grew up, or lost their sense of fun.
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A surprising portion of GWAR's fanbase is non-ironic.

Somehow, this scares me tremendously.
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They run like the Muppet Sweetums.
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I'd like to think it's easy to like GWAR both for their music and their crazy fun. Of course, I actually like their music so I'm bias.
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I also enjoy that you always know when they've been through town recently, because their fans will wear their fluid spattered pink and yellow splashed shirts around for days afterward as a badge of pride.

It's a festive change from their usual black.
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Yeah I had GWAR-spattered shoes (1990, Amsterdam) that I kept for almost 10 years. The blood had faded but the memories remained sharp.
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The christmas video was awesome, but ye gods, they've really gone downhill. Bring back the gory days of Scumdogs of the Universe! Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend was just awful. This deli tray is unacceptable.
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