Fear the Christmas Dragon
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Merry Christmas from Shallow Gravy (aka Hank Venture and best friend-slash-spoiler alert Dermott) and most of the cast of The Venture Bros. that Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick could assemble without calling anyone else.

Previous Venture Christmases:

2004 - "Little Drummer Boy"
2005 - "Hard Candy Christmas"
2006 - "Venture Aid 2006"
2007 - "Fairytale of New York"
2008 - "Wonderful Christmas Time"
2009 - "The Chipmunk Song"
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Go Team Venture!
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High five!
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(probably worth linking to all the FRED Holiday Singles, too)
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I recently got rid of my cable TV, since I could get nearly everything I watch over the air or (legally) online. One of the most frustrating discoveries is that The Venture Brothers isn't one of those things.
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Really? I've watched Venture Bros episodes on the Adult Swim website. Are they no longer available on there?
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Adult Swim is weird about leaving new episodes up for any length of time, even if they usually keep a few older episodes up and lots of clips. It's stupid, but that's the way they do it. I stopped checking after a while, but I'm pretty sure they still haven't put up the 2nd part of the prom season finale, but maybe I just missed it.
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Unh! Double up! Unh Unh!
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I love the Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend rendition of "Drummer Boy." Publick and Hammer spend half the track on the awkward contextual banter from the original Bing Crosby Christmas Special, and the occasional inaccuracy indicates that they're doing it from memory. These guys are my people.
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Oh, 24! Santa got my letter!
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