A Thousand Ways To Please A Husband/Family/Yourself With Bettina's Best Recipes
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I've owned the Bettina cookbooks for awhile and while her stuff is bland, some of it is simple and good. I like the steamed puddings and salad dressings. I make the recipes for myself- not husband needed :) I love the illustrations.
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Am I doing it wrong? I don't see anything here apart from a couple tiny excerpts and "149 other sections not shown".
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Direct link to the books

Otherwise, click on the covers
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It's possible they are only available in the US on google books though now that I'm thinking about it. It's also on Open Library as well.
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Ah, Bettina talks like my 96-year-old grandmother, with her "Why,"'s and "Well,"'s. I keep expecting her to burst out with a "My land!" or "For land's sake!" And I recognize a lot of these recipes from some of her church cookbooks. White sauces with pimientos and paprika were the height of sophistication. Thanks! This is as charming as hell.
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Oh there we go... helloooo Open Library!
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It looks like you're located outside of the United States. Although you're welcome to read about Google eBooks, please note that Google eBooks are only available for sale to customers in the U.S. at this time.

I is disappoint. Sadface.
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Thank you for this -- I love it! The narrative -- though a bit cheesy -- is quite engaging, and manages to convey simple techniques for cooking at home with limited means. Timely! And, I do declare, the illustrations are charming, as well!
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The only thing missing are the can-label recipes that I have found in some of my antique cookbooks.

I swan, lemons cut into fancy shapes are to me as shiny things are to a magpie. Thanks!
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LOL just realized the meatless recipes contain chicken "chicken is one of the things we should use often in place of meat."

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"I'm there", said Bob. "I was just thinking it'd be a good candy evening. Then, when the candy is done, we can assemble under the new reading lamp and eat it."

(page 179; liver and bacon)
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About fifteen years ago I found the first Bettina book in the university library and was enthralled. I spent all day yesterday cozily tucked in by the fire, reading every page of both Bettina books. Thank you so much for posting this!
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