Good Credit! Bad Credit! Even Bankruptcy!
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Paul Copansky, a.k.a. Paul from the Diamond Center, reminisces about Ed "Hi Kids!" Barbara, Steven "Top of the Hill Daly City" Matthew David, and Harvard E. "Pete" Palmer, Jr., the adman who put these characters on the San Francisco/Bay Area's UHF band in the 1970's and 1980's.

Paul was the most prolific and creative of the local instant credit advertisers: 1  |  2  |  3

You're right, Ed Barbara seems like a bad guy.
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Argh! You just got that damn jingle stuck in my head again, decades later.
"Dublin, Berkely, San Lorenzo, Cupertino, San Jose"
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Why does Diamond Center commercial leave me with a bad fast food taste in my mouth?
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Damn you! I'm going to have that stupid "Credit Man" jingle stuck in my head now. That seemed to be on an endless loop when I was a kid.
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Want to know if someone is from the Bay Area? Just say the words "Credit Man" and see if they start singing the tune.

Or from the East bay, "Stop casting porosity"
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These made it out to the central valley and into the 90s too. Now I have that voice in my head.
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This is gratifying; when the once-ubiquitous commercials stopped playing, I assumed that Paul must have died. Glad to see he's still around!
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The only bike I ever rode regularly was a throw-in when we bought speakers at Top of the Hill Daly City. Alex Bennett always played their ads.
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Anyone else remember "Memories Of Manhattan Furniture Store (Ed Barbara)" by Big Daddy? It was sung to the tune of Barbara Ann.
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Huh. search for "Dublin Berkeley " etc. Pops up the same column.
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I am glad to hear he is still alive and doing well. We had some friends who lived in Blackhawk (a high end gated community in the east bay, a fair number of Bay Area wealthy lived there), and we wnet around looking at the Christmas lights one year, and the one with the most decorations and the gaudiest displays was said to belong to Paul from the diamond center. I thought it was a joke until the next year when he had a Christmas Ad that was filmed in his front yard.
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Yet another reminder of why I will mourn analog television for the rest of my days.
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Anybody whose business model premise is loaning money to poor people is pretty much dictionary definition of a lowlife. SEO marketing scum are a class up from most of these guys.
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Wasn't it Ambrose Bierce who said Denevi Camera is God's way of teaching residents of the East Bay local geography?
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posted by ctmf Or from the East bay, "Stop casting porosity"

I miss that sign. For the longest time I wanted to go to--or organize--a protest march and carry a sign that said "STOP CASTING POROSITY!" But then Frank Chu came along and just outdid everybody.
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