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Our own CUJoe's current PhotoOp reminded me that I always forget the name of the units for measure hot pepper spiciness: Scovilles. For some reason this name won't stick in my brain. I always look it up here. Take time to worship.
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My first ecommerce purchase (other than t-shirts sold by people on usenet) was at Hot! Hot! Hot! - which got quite a bit of notice in it's time... I actually shopped in their (now defunct) Pasadena store, then wrote them email about how much I loved the website - at which point I won some sort of customer of the month contest and got free Dave's Insanity Sauce. I ended up buying quite a bit from them - I'm so easily manipulated...
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I get a lot of hot sauces at Figuero's, a local gourmet shop that features a "wall of fire" of hundreds of brands and varieties. They have a number of sauces (about a dozen the last time I was in) for which they require customers to sign a waiver prior to purchase. Never been that brave; I'm satisfied with Melinda's EXXXXtra Hot Reserve, used sparingly.
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Hey! I was at that market this weekend. I've been avoiding hot food for the past week. I recently had a habanero "accident". Do not take these bad boys lightly.
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Give me the rooster every time, baby. Hot, flavorful, and even more dangerous than you think.
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For Local Boyz wanting to test their fire retardedness (the emphasis there is not on "fire"), try Cactus #3 on Vine, south of Sunset. There's quite a range of options on the salsa bar - some of which can really burn you.


At least.

'nuff said.
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No, not quite 'nuff said. In the words of my dad, "Hurry up, ice cream."
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kozmo.com carries the new 2twisted flavors. mmmm... From Russia with Buzz™ ... The problem with Cactus' salsa bar, however, is that the proper response would be a bomb pop in your missile silo, IYKWIM.
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When I was in the 5th grade, my teacher, Mr. Rolph (the coolest teacher in the world, he used to call me "Lester the Molestor" until my 3rd grade teacher got upset) had a big quarter-long project for our class. All we did was taste test different kinds of peppers and salsas and stuff, and learned how to cook several stuff with peppers. And I'll never forget one day, this kinda dumb kid named Travis Bass showed up, after missing the previous day when Mr. Rolph discussed the hotness of Habaneros, and a friend and I told him to take a big bite out of it, because "oh, it's not hot", and he put like 3/4ths of it in his mouth at one time, swallowed, and immediately passed out on the floor. Actually, I don't know if he passed out or just fainted, I don't really remember.

All I can say is, a good time was had by all.
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