You'll Believe You Can Fly
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"Sticks and Stones." Jonsi (of Sigur Rós) did a song for How to Train Your Dragon. Now there's an official music video featuring scenes from the movie.

(Sorry if this is a bit Dreamworks Blue. How to Train Your Dragon was one of my surprise favorite movies this year, and the video captures a lot of what made it so great.)
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Caution: contains no traces of Sigur Rós.
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Thank-you. Watching the movie was one of the cinema highlights of my year - it was in a tiny 'community run' theatre in Liverpool with only six other people (my six year old son, a friend and her two kids and two young teenage geeks), it was 2D, and it rocked all our worlds. This clip does, as you say, encapsulate much of the appeal of the film.
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Just watched this yesterday with my 6 year old daughter. Very pleasantly surprised at how good it was, both in story and animation. In fact, I thought the animation was some of the more spectacular I've seen outside of motion capture/Avatar situations. My kid really enjoyed it as well, particularly the jokes about underwear (gotta love the classics).
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My 3 year old boy watched this with me yesterday - got to the end of the movie and he asked for more! So replayed again... it's pretty rare that I can put up with a second viewing of a whole movie, but it really is delightful.
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It was such a lovely film-- possibly because the breakneck production speed prevented the committified dithering that usually spoils big movies.

I particularly enjoyed the tribute to The Black Stallion-- the original giant-black-beast movie! and a good next-rental after How To Train Your Dragon...

Director Chris Sanders has a very, VERY occasional webcomic Kiskaloo.. (he also directed the adorable Lilo and Stitch).
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Why would an Icelandic contribute a song to a film about Scottish people?
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Bah. Icelandic band.
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before avatar and HtTYD there was the rescuers down under :P w/one of the best flying sequences ever committed to animation, imo!
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