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"Sticks and Stones." Jonsi (of Sigur Rós) did a song for How to Train Your Dragon. Now there's an official music video featuring scenes from the movie.

(Sorry if this is a bit Dreamworks Blue. How to Train Your Dragon was one of my surprise favorite movies this year, and the video captures a lot of what made it so great.)
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Caution: contains no traces of Sigur Rós.
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Just watched this yesterday with my 6 year old daughter. Very pleasantly surprised at how good it was, both in story and animation. In fact, I thought the animation was some of the more spectacular I've seen outside of motion capture/Avatar situations. My kid really enjoyed it as well, particularly the jokes about underwear (gotta love the classics).
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My 3 year old boy watched this with me yesterday - got to the end of the movie and he asked for more! So replayed again... it's pretty rare that I can put up with a second viewing of a whole movie, but it really is delightful.
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It was such a lovely film-- possibly because the breakneck production speed prevented the committified dithering that usually spoils big movies.

I particularly enjoyed the tribute to The Black Stallion-- the original giant-black-beast movie! and a good next-rental after How To Train Your Dragon...

Director Chris Sanders has a very, VERY occasional webcomic Kiskaloo.. (he also directed the adorable Lilo and Stitch).
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Why would an Icelandic contribute a song to a film about Scottish people?
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Bah. Icelandic band.
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before avatar and HtTYD there was the rescuers down under :P w/one of the best flying sequences ever committed to animation, imo!
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