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You may know Mefi's own Lore from Lore Brand Comics (Related but with Monsters Previously) but did you know he is pushing the limits of free avatar creators at Hall Of Lores? Now you do.
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League of Alternate Lores Assemble!
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These are pretty nice.
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What, no Simpsonized Lore? No 8-bit Lore? Not to blow my own horn (okay, this is TOTALLY to blow my own horn), but has he been turned into a superhero (warning: big pic) by a professional webcomicker (other than himself)?
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Oh, hey, hi! Thanks for the link.

Someone sent me a Simpsonized Lore, which will go up eventually. And I just found an 8-bit avatar maker, so that'll go up eventually too, assuming it has the necessary options. The most common omission is the goatee-without-mustache, to the extent that I've had to settle for a soul patch a few times. And a surprising number of avatar makers don't have a "bald" option. C'mon, guys, just remove the hair layer!

And no, I've only been turned into a superhero the old-fashioned way: by being exposed to massive amounts of radiation. I've tried to use my Dimming Vision and Atrophied Strength to fight crime, but it hasn't worked out too well.
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Surprised he hasn't made a WeeMe yet. Be warned, flash everywhere and it's not just animated underpants.
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We should get that guy from The Brunching Shuttlecocks to rate these things.
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If you would permit me a brief derail to mention one of Lore's other projects: Speak with Monsters which made this sad earth a much better place with Blink Marmaduke
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There's more Lore to be had on the Wired website.

(I'm glad to see they finally took my suggestion to create a way you can see all the Lore articles on one page. I sent them an email in early 2007 or so. Had a nice chat with someone there. He agreed it was a good idea, but said they wouldn't be able to implement it, for reasons that escape me now.)


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Hah, I've been doing something like this for years. Avatarmakers are fun.
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By the way, I started another Tumblr today: Temps in the News.
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