Number 11: Get some darn shiny nice new glasses
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The List. After losing his wife Meghan to breast cancer, Adam Warner has set out to complete his wife's to-do list, which has already taken him in a train across Canada and on pilgrimage to India. From the (newly revived) Chicago Public Media program Love & Radio.

The charity established in honor of Meghan Baker Warner is called For the Love of Meghan. The audio story is a long one, but one that will reel you in and refuse to let you go.
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Disclaimer: I can't bring myself to listen to it - I started, and felt too sad to continue. But I flipped through the blog archives.

Then I found the list. And I saw that one of the items is "10) Get my darn tooth fixed" and I thought, no matter what he can't ever cross that one off the list, no matter how hard he tries he can't complete it and that's when my eyes blurred with tears.
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My mom is a survivor and thanks to my GF I've been involved with breast cancer awareness and fundraising the last few years. I've heard many stories and they always make me cry. This is no exception, what an awesome guy.
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He could pay to have someone else's tooth fixed...
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Very raw. I cried (hard not to). Bit worried about Adam.

(For the record, Rideau is pronounced reee-DOUGH, not rid-dough. Just so you know.)
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this web-site reminds of the poor young lady Susan G. Komen of orange county, Ca. She was a breast cancer victim, who is not physically with us. Her grief-stricken husband began a drive to raise money for cancer breast research. The dollar amount has increased each year and some important break-thoughs have been discovered from the research funded by the Susan Komen drives.The hope is a cure for this terrible cancer.
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This is so sad and beautiful. I couldn't listen, also just read the blog. Like Hildegard, I'm concerned about Adam. I wish he was committing himself to his dreams rather than Meghan's.
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Umm... I'm pretty sure Susan G. Komen was born and spent most of her life in Peoria, IL, not Orange County, CA. And it was her sister, not her husband, who started the foundation.

We Peorians tend to remember our local notable people.
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Umm... I'm pretty sure Susan G. Komen was born and spent most of her life in Peoria, IL, not Orange County, CA. And it was her sister, not her husband, who started the foundation.
Yes and yes.
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I sat and wrote out a long, complicated comment, which ended up being a little too personal, even by my standards, so I just saved it offline and stepped away.

I will say that it's a good thing that Adam has a group following what he's doing. Eight months in is nowhere like where he'll be in another year, and I hope the people around him will help him to temper his present sense of duty further down the line so he's able to live a life instead of filling out the rest of one that ended so wretchedly early. The support that's there in the first year is so rarely there in the second, or the third, or the fifth, and that's not right, but it's all just so fucking complicated, and care and patience fade faster than they should.
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