Sometimes you can judge a book by it's cover
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A Gallery of Art Deco bookbindings.
One of the artists was Paul Legrain (who also worked with Rose Adler); was the tutor of Mary Reynolds, accidental surrealist companion and lover of Marcel Duchamp. She was also a bookbinder extraordinaire.
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Shoot you had to post this after Christmas. I know what I want now.
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These are gorgeous. I love the feel of permanence they bring, akin to buildings utilizing the same architectural style. A feeling that this was once grand and the echo of that respect and artistry is maintained. It seems only fitting that one's favorite book be treated with such reverence.
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Wow, these are mostly excellent! Sometimes we get bookbinding posts filled with ugly and gimmicky books which are to books as those impractical crazy-shaped tiny bookshelves are to real bookshelves. But I would definitely love to have some of these.

For comparison.
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Absolutely fabulous, thank you very much for posting. Bookbinding is the hobby I love best and never have time the time to do...these are just splendid.
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Thanks for this adamvasco. I love the geometricity of Art Deco designs.

Just as a worthy plug that's both relevant and current, I was really happy that a friend in the States bought me 'The Art of American Book Covers 1875-1930' [2010] {Amazon} by the great Richard Minsky, for xmas. It is gorgeous and highly recommended, though fairly light on true Art Deco style bindings.
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Yay! I remember seeing those first two links a few years ago, and I loved them then, and I wish I'd thought of sharing them first! This landscape one is one of my very favorites.
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Great! thanks…
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