The Gold standard
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"The first image you have of many of your favourite films is probably a Bill Gold creation." His sparse, iconic poster designs have helped to define movies for over six decades, from Casablanca, Dial M for Murder and My Fair Lady, to A Clockwork Orange, The Exorcist and The Sting. His longest-lasting creative partnership was with Clint Eastwood, spanning every Eastwood movie from 1972’s Dirty Harry to 1993’s Mystic River — not forgetting the unforgettable design for Unforgiven. When Eastwood presented Gold with a Lifetime Key Art Award from the Hollywood Reporter in 1994, he simply called Gold "the greatest." A signed, limited edition collection of his greatest works can be yours for just £400. It's not simply a record of the posters he ended up creating, but a fascinating look into the artistic process, from sketch to billboard. When Lars Trodson asked Gold about his phenomenal career in 2009, he answered with characteristic understatement: "I can hardly believe it."
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I used to be a movie poster fan in the 80s and I realise now that he designed some of my favourites. It should also be noted that he was a poster designer. The artwork (drawing, painting) was often commissioned to an other artist (such as Richard Amsel who did The Sting and Papillon, or Jouineau Bourduge and Charles Gehm for the Barry Lyndon posters).
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This is awesome, can't wait to dig in to it. Funny how much the Unforgiven poster motif (backlit, turning and looking back over the shoulder) has been aped in the marketing of recent sci fi films.
It probably have started earlier, but Unforgiven is one of the first ones I remember well.

Minor post correction: Mystic River was 2003, not 1993.
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Wow, I had no idea the same artist was responsible for all these great cinema poster works. Thanks so much for the post!
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Wow, $1600 bucks for the Master edition of the book. It comes in a hand carved jade case and includes one of Clint's pubic hair. I know what I'm getting with my cut of the bailout money.
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Minor post correction: Mystic River was 2003, not 1993.

Argh, thanks for the correction. WTB edit button!
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On a similar tangent, I adore the recent posters for the Darren Aronofsky film, Black Swan.
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I agree, those Black Swan posters are beautiful. They remind me a bit of the Olly Moss posters in Empire. Burlesque is a particular favourite, though sadly not in that feature. I hate to sound like a grouchy old man, but they just don't make film posters like they used to. I'd like to think this was the beginning of a new wave...
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Let's hope londonmark.

Down with Trajan for blockbusters and bold red Futura for comedies.

End the orange/blue triangular compositions of 'shopped faces.
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He did the poster for A Clockwork Orange?

Where is this man, and do his neighborhood zoning laws allow for the building of a small shrine to him on his premises?

Seriously, that poster is freaking iconic.
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On a similar tangent, I adore the recent posters for the Darren Aronofsky film, Black Swan.

Good god, the alternate posters put out by Fox Searchlight the article mentions are horrible.
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