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Wrong Side of the Art!: This is the place I post B-movie posters. One sheets, half sheets, daybills, locandines, quads – whatever I find. Also – some random movie stills. (previously, with outdated link)
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A great site and something I check out daily. One of my favorites was this collection of posters for the 1928 serial "The House of Terror".

Some of the posters are nsfw, as exploitation and old porn posters tend to be. So perhaps not the best site to browse over the lunch hour.
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Great find, Joe Beese! A quick perusal reveals that this guy has a totally fabulous collection of brilliantly lowdown 70s porn posters, which I happen to find really fun and interesting. I mean, how can you not love copy like:

"Young, beautiful, confused. She didn't know which way to go... so she went both ways!"

Or just plain inexplicable stuff like: "A one girl 'bedroom gang'! On either side of the bed!"

For those of you into this kind of historic trash-pop-culture detritus, here's my own humble collection.
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My favorite poster site ever. The collections are also worth downloading. He's featured the posters for my films I Can See You and The Viewer, as well as other films I've worked on, and is a super nice dude (from emailing).
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Great site. Thanks for reminding of it.
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I just have to say, from a marketing point of view, "Dahmer vs. Gacy" makes perfect sense.
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Welcome back, Joe!
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humble collection hell, that is frikkin a fundelious flickr of funyuns.
Harvey was a CADmasher
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Good to see you back!
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