Somali funk, pre-pirate days
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Iftin, a Somali form of funk, was popular from the early 1970s until the time of the civil war there in 1991. It's just one of many examples of little-known (outside of Africa) African popular music found preserved at Likembe. Found while falling down the world music blog rabbit hole here, after stumbling on a rock here.

Please note that each blog linked has a policy of only making out of print music available, and will readily take down anything if requested by the author/performer.
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Those are both truly fascinating blogs. Thanks sincerely. I had never previously heard Tahitian ukulele music. Now I have.
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Languagehat just blogged about this today too.
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Radiodiffusion and Excavated Shellac are both amazing blogs, but the term 'world music' does them a disservice as it conjures up bad new-age-with-ethnic-instruments-added records.
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Thanks so much, that’s definitely a rabbit hole that I may never come out of.

@johnmc; I don’t have that association with the term "world music", I guess it’s a personal thing. It’s not a great descriptor, but neither is "Rock".
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I don’t have that association with the term "world music", I guess it’s a personal thing. It’s not a great descriptor, but neither is "Rock".

Actually, that's an interesting analogy, since I also hate the term 'classic rock' which I've heard applied to, say, both the Byrds and King Crimson, who are very different bands. But like 'world music,' it's a marketing term, not an actual genre.

(sorry for th pedantic derail. The music available on both these sites is amazing, dowload as much as you can)
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I was just talking about Somali music with a friend the other day, specifically Axmed Cali Cigaal (who now lives in Minneapolis) and a little bit of Xaawo Hiiran.

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Ah yes, Iftin! Iftin apparently was a big band, and the band members are more or less spread out about the world now -- the former manager lives in Portland, Oregon, while the guitarist is in Denmark and one of the popular singers is in Saudi Arabia. The masters, however, are even more elusive...
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All music is world music
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