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'The Lord of the Books of the 55 Arse-Hymens of Stone.' (SLYT) The Lord of the Rings gets the Dirty Potter treatment. Exceptionally NSFW
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Proudfaggots. Very funny.

I was going to search for this and link it. But it was about 5th on the sidebar related-links of the FPP, anyway.
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I got about 45 seconds into it before I became highly embarrassed laughing this hard while wearing headphones with my wife in the room.
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Yeah, this really shouldn't be funny.... but it is.
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As funny as it is juvenile. That is, extremely.

My God, the songs
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Good, we need some laughs right about now. Looking forward to sharing Dirty Potter with Young&Stillgood.
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Brings back fond memories of Bored of the Rings, the 1969 parody novel from Harvard Lampoon.
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"No cry came from him. He shut his eyes and clung to his foreskin, with his feet as well as with his hands." :-)
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I reread Bored of the Rings as an adult, and vanquished the fond memories :(
As with David Eddings and the Narnia books, there needs to be some way of protecting adults from tarnishing their cherished recollections of adolescence.
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Oh dear. Dirty Potter.

The sound effects.

OK, I'm going to close my computer now and put a big rock on top of it.
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"Well, well, that's over," said the wizard, struggling to his feet. "It's no small feat to have come so far. You see? I have written 'Gandalf is here' in sprug! I've never felt so spent."

Oh god, I might die if I don't breathe.
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Amazing audio editing. It must have taken a long time to rough up a script and locate all the bits & pieces. I wish the video was mashed up also, with screen caps of the character's improbably grimacing O-faces.
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"A small muddy and extremely faggoty haggis"

I think I just laughed up a lung..
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What I especially appreciate is the time it takes for mise en scene.

"He felt the quick heave and surge as Gandalf came through the windows, onto the gardens, and the trees, the elves and the chairs, and the spoons and knives and bottles and Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and the lanterns, and the crumbs and cracker-paper, and the faces of his friends."
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It's like the experience of reading the books compressed into ten minutes.
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Few things make me laugh like a twelve-year-old. This is one of those things.
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