A Short and Somewhat Political History of Comics in Poland
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Animal Farm; or, a Short and Somewhat Political History of Comics in Poland by Tomasz Kołodziejczak, translated by Michael Kandel. More Polish comics info here.
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Incidentally, Michael Kandel also translated many of Stanislaw Lem's books, including The Star Diaries, Memoirs of a Space Traveler, and The Futurological Congress.
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Your govt has been using drones along the Texas-Mexican border. Does that count, matter?
Some years ago, some states used small planes to monitor highway traffic and catch speeders. If a govt can tap phones, tap emails, and net, etc., how does this suddenly become so much the worse? London as cams mounted on many street corner poles. They are thus not drones in the sky. We began doing intrusive things some time ago, picked up speed after 9/11, and now it is going non-stop because...well because we are at war with Terrorism. and since that war will never end, intrusive measure to catch bad people is not going to end.
Here is how much electronic spying grows (but see it creates jobs!)

CAMP WILLIAMS — Today's groundbreaking for a $1.5 billion National Security Agency data center is being billed as important in the short term for construction jobs and important in the long term for Utah's reputation as a technology center.

"This will bring 5,000 to 10,000 new jobs during its construction and development phase," Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said on Wednesday. "Once completed, it will support 100 to 200 permanent high-paid employees."
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Yeah, I stumbled onto this stuff while searching around for things by Kandel. He's one of my literary heroes. The translation of the Cyberiad -- especially the verse -- blows me away.
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Interesting, but I wish the words without borders page had included pictures of each comic, and I wish the Soszynzki page was easier to navigate.
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