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Why Cecco Beppe Does Not Die (Scratch 'n' Sniff Edition), a reenactment of the lost 1916 Futurist film Vita Futurista by the neutered cat responsible for the sleeper hit Valentine for Perfect Strangers (DLYT)
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Wow. I was just about to turn it off, and the baby Italian Futurists arrived, and I laughed out loud. Then it got really irritating again, but just before I could click away, this came up: "What's that smell? Austria-Hungary?" And I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

So, I have to say I like this quite a lot. Carry on...
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In the usual mad dash to be the first to be unimpressed by these - don't front, at least one of you fuckers were considering it - I only ask that you take a moment to consider that Why Cecco Beppe Does Not Die contains the word skeletwins and consider also my suggestion that, if that one word alone isn't enough to send you into fits of giggling and clapping, you should assemble a search party for your soul, and quickly.
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Oh man, I love this so much. Thank you thank you thank you, shii!

And in case anyone wonders, Cecco Beppe is Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, who died in 1916 after reigning for sixty-some years (Franz Joseph in Italian is Francesco Giuseppe which gets shortened to Cecco Beppe).
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Oh my god, this is amazing, thank you!
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How is this so hilarious? What is happening? Why did all of that make so much sense to me? I blame the internet.

Also, this is how all lolcats sound in my head from now on.
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I can't even begin to articulate why this delights me so. Is it my love of cats? Synthetic voices? Art history? Cheese? The bronsonpinchot tag? Fart jokes? Is it the awesome power of scratch and sniff technology?
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When faced with the unknowable, you need to scratch the oval.
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So amazing! I think I like "Valentine" just a teeny bit more for some reason, but both are off-the-wall ridiculous and brilliant!
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I saw "Valentine" several years ago. There's something genuinely sweet, touching, and a little sad about a stray cat looking for friendship from a stranger, and the awkward, earnest goofiness adds to its heart. The "don't be ridiculous" at the end reminds me of the self-talk of a lonely outcast who feels that love is so far out of reach as to be a fairy tale (even though the protagonist is eminently lovable. I mean, look at him. HE'S A KITTY.)

The Cecco Beppe video, while surreal and funny, doesn't have that same emotional element.
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