Be omniscient.
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Be omniscient. See the earth, moon, space and stars right now.
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well omnipresent at least :) and if they gave us access to their space based death rays maybe omnipotence!

cool link, thanks.
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Be courteous, kind, and forgiving
Be gentle and peaceful each day
Be warm and human and grateful
And have a good thing to say

Be thoughtful and trustful and childlike
Be witty and happy and wise
Be honest and love all your neighbors
Be obsequious, purple and clairvoyant

Be sure to stop at stop signs
And drive fifty-five miles an hour
Pick up hitchhikers foaming at the mouth
And when you get home get a master's degree in geology

Be pompous, obese, and eat cactus
Be dull and boring and omnipresent
Criticize things you don't know about
Be oblong and have your knees removed

(Ladies only) Never make love to Bigfoot
(Men only) Hello, my name is Bigfoot
(Everyone) Put a live chicken in your underwear
Go into a closet and suck eggs

- Steve Martin "Grandmother's Song"
posted by Kafkaesque at 9:47 AM on September 7, 2001

My favorite link on the site is to bsy's List of Internet Accessible Machines - how I enjoy looking at coffee pots and litterboxes online. And most of bsy's links work!

Now... What's in Paul Haas's Fridge?
posted by jazon at 9:54 AM on September 7, 2001

See the earth, moon, space and stars right now.

Or in the case of the Sun, see it 8 1/2 minutes ago.
posted by jkottke at 10:36 AM on September 7, 2001

Interesting that when you follow the link, it says "NEWLY UPDATED FEBRUARY 2001 "... a new definition of real-time that I'm not currently used to, I suppose.
posted by warhol at 8:41 AM on September 8, 2001

check this I think you might like!
posted by asfaras at 1:40 AM on September 11, 2001

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