It seems as though Gary Condit will quit Congress
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It seems as though Gary Condit will quit Congress - but not until his current term expires (he'll get a bigger pension that way).
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I betting either his son Chad or his daughter Cadee (both of whom made an appearance on Larry King Live) will run for that seat. I'm betting they figure that they already have the name recognition, and they won't have their father's baggage to carry, so they might win.

Also, there may be some sympathy votes as well.
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Yes, imagine the fine, upstanding moral environment within which they were raised and their personal values were inculcated! They are just what is needed to restore dignity to and confidence in the position.
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the only thing that needs a restoration of dignity and confidence is the media, who have been on a witchhunt to destroy the guy. if everyone in politics who cheated on his/her spouce one time or another were to resign. there wouldnt be enough people left to run the country.
the church does not control the state, who cares who sleeps with who. as long as they dont screw up my taxes im happy.
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socialdrone, he isn't quitting because his affairs were made public. He's quitting because he can't stay in public office without answering frankly a few questions about Chandra Levy's disappearance. I wonder why he won't do that?
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Well, George Clooney usually leaves Return of the Killer Tomatoes off his résumé, too... Hey, does anyone else find it curious that Clooney's first credited role was in a 1984 TV series starring Elliot Gould and called... "E/R"?

Man, you can hardly even see the topic from here...
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> It seems as though Gary Condit will quit Congress

This is sorta like saying: "It seems as though Luciano Pavarotti will give up limbo dancing." Like he has a choice???
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isnt the investigation still ongoing? why would you make public that information anyways?

i havnt heard from the police that he has not been co operative why do you think otherwise? the only thing i see is a guy who doesnt want to air his laundry out for everyone to see. and he has that right, even as a public figure. the man could be guilty of murder or kidnapping, but that really isnt for us to decide. a jury would have that responsibility, that is if it goes to court in the first place...the police in the investigation have repeatedly said that condit isnt a suspect. so why do you think that he is?

politicans are held by the same standards anyother citizen is. they are bound by the same laws, and are protected by them as well.
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He's proven himself a weasel of the first order. After the Chung interview not even his friends (like Gray Davis) will have anything to do with him. The Democrats were obviously hoping that he would follow through on a promise to resign and he's reneged. Now he's in for an uncomfortable time, and as a Blue Dog, neither party wants to have anything to do with him.

Based on his behavior, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he really is responsible for Levy's death, but I'm actually skeptical for a number of reasons. Most of the aficionados on alt.true-crime (who follow murders and kidnappings obsessively) are tending to believe he's innocent -- while other political forums with axes to grind have become convinced that he's a serial killer responsible for the death of every brunette intern who ever came to DC, as well as numerous pre-teen girls in outlying counties. Every revelation through the tabs, no matter how poorly sourced, becomes further proof of his mendacity. The man shaves his body hair! Only serial killers do that! or Neckties on the bedposts! His depravity knows no bounds! or Congress will never act because Gary knows all about their secret sex ring! These people having watched Eyes Wide Shut and considered it a documentary.

It's hard to take any of that blather seriously, yet I still feel comfortable knowing that he's somehow brought it all on himself. Maybe he is just (as the NY Press put it) the unluckiest adulterer in Washington -- but he hasn't done a thing to make it easier on himself, even to the point of providing an obviously flawed alibi for the crucial day.

The Hoffa case should demonstrate that justice has long arms, and patience. Hopefully some useful evidence will turn up. A body, for example.
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